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       Conventional paper class: the conventional paper mainly contains three kinds of special light paper, copper plate and writing paper. It is widely used in food, medicine, advertising, product logo, children's books, toys and other industries.
      Special paper:
      Aluminum foil: paper is transferred by aluminum foil or compound aluminum foil, so that the paper has a metal texture, which can effectively improve the added value of the product. The color can be divided into gold, silver and red color according to the color, and the difference of surface gloss can be divided into light and dumb surface.
      Fluorescent paper: its surface has a certain fluorescence effect, according to color can be divided into red, pink, orange, orange, yellow and green and other colors;
      Cashmere paper: dyed short fiber through electrostatic flocking and paper on the formation of velvet, colorful, used in packaging, advertising and box, with red, green, white and black color.
      Kraft paper: it has the characteristics of good tear resistance and good tensile strength. The common colors are yellow and white.
      Variable information materials:
      Thermal transfer paper: paper surface is smooth, non reflective, good ink absorbency. The bar code printer needs only a small amount of energy to achieve information transmission, which can improve the service life of the print head and the quality of the label. It is a special paper for the bar code printer.
      Thermosensitive paper: the surface has a thermal coating, the required text, bar code through the print head heat transfer to the paper to achieve information transmission, according to the base material category is divided into thermosensitive paper and thermosensitive synthetic paper, and thermosensitive paper has two types of defense and three types of defense.
      PET film: PET film is also called polyester film. It has high tensile strength and tear strength, excellent high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and weatherability. It is suitable for domestic and foreign occasions. Its color is transparent, translucent, white, black and other colors. PET is coated with aluminum and treated with a strong metallic texture. It is used as an electronic label. PET films have excellent printing and processing properties. After coating, the surface adhesion and bar code printing can be further improved.
      PVC film: PVC film is also called PVC film. It has good printing effect, processing property and chemical corrosion resistance. It can be used in the outdoor for a long time. It has many kinds of products. It can be divided into transparent, translucent, white, black and other colors according to the color. It can be divided into hard and soft PVC according to the different degree of soft and hard.
      PE film: polyethylene film, the material is soft, even on the irregular surface with good effect, and has good anti extrusion ability, strong chemical corrosion resistance, widely used in cosmetics, daily chemical. The commonly used colors are transparent and white.
      PP film: polypropylene film, after processing, can be made into high transparent, white, light, light and metallized films. The transparent PP has excellent transparency, and the label has no label effect on the transparent bottle.
      Laser film class: it generally adopts the technology of carving, holographic and so on. Through the molding, the holographic image is transferred to the base material so as to laser laser effect. It is widely used in the daily chemical, medical, food, tobacco and wine industries. According to the base material, it can be divided into three kinds of OPP laser film, PET laser film and PVC laser film, which are plain, small square and large square according to the pattern. There are dozens of patterns, such as small round points and millet points.
      Special materials:
      Tire rubber: this kind of product is mainly used as the external standard of the tire. It has very strong initial viscosity. The commonly used products are copper plate, white PET aluminum coating, pearlite film and pearlite paper tire glue.
      Fragile paper: good surface smoothness, good printing effect, good ink absorbing effect and excellent anti-counterfeiting effect.
      Foam: EVA material with good foaming effect can play a good protective role for the product. The conventional color is white and black, and the thickness is 1~5mm.
      Laminating film: optical film / dummy film: mainly used for printing after laminating, protecting the ink layer and improving the texture of printed matter.

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