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                How should the sticker label be properly removed

                Date: 2018-05-28 11:22 read:

                In life, we often encounter various kinds of stickers. It is not easy to tear them apart and tear them clean. How to deal with these stubborn stickers will not damage the surface of the object and leave no trace. Here are some good ways to remove stickers easily.
                Methods / steps
                1: Rubber
                Principle: glue that relies on rubber to blend without dry glue.
                Methods: rubbing with an eraser, beginning with gel will turn black, but after a long time, the glue will gradually fall off.
                Advantages: easy operation, quick effect, shortcoming: general effect.
                How to quickly remove the dry glue
                2: with a blower
                Principle: remove the dry glue by heat.
                Method: with the hot wind gear of the blower, in the position of 10cm around the non dry glue, the hot air is directly blown by the hot air. After blowing a little bit, the sticky sticker is slowly uncovered while blowing one side.
                Advantages: easy operation, good effect and quick effect.
                Disadvantages: it is not suitable for heat resistant soft plastics.
                How to quickly remove the dry glue
                3: use edible vinegar
                Principle: the principle of similarity compatibility.
                Methods: use dry dishcloth to get white vinegar or vinegar, completely cover the labeled part and thoroughly soak it. After soaking for 15-20 minutes, wash the cloth along the edge of the adhesive label and wipe it out for a while.
                Advantages: it is suitable for non drying glue on tableware and other tableware. It is harmless and harmless.
                Shortcomings: the effect of decontamination is slightly inferior.
                How to quickly remove the dry glue
                4: use edible oil
                Principle: the principle of similarity compatibility.
                Method: smear the edible oil evenly in the place of sticker label, after 3~5 minutes, you can use your hand to tear up directly from the corner of the label, which will not leave the label marks.
                Advantages: hard products such as glass and stainless steel have good decontamination effect.
                Disadvantages: removal of other objects dry adhesive effect is not good.

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